Online Card Games and Gambling Continues Growing

The desire to play cards online and gambling is growing at a first rate with lots of people choosing to play poker. A survey conducted recently by the Annenberg Public Policy center at the University of Pennsylvania indicated that 12% of males between 14 to 22 years bet once a week, this is up from 6% in the year 2003. Additionally, 11% of these players are likely to bet on the internet. It further stated that 43% of players who gamble for money did so through online casinos.

All through this population of online gamblers, poker is considered as the favorite. Researchers estimate that more than a million players in each state play poker every month using their computers. Another statistic provided by Comscore Media Metrix which measures Internet users at home, college and work locations in the United States every year shows that out of 165 million American Internet users, 20% which is 29 million go online for gambling.

Casinocity.comstates, a most popular online site in recent times went public on the London Stock Exchange in an Initial Public Offer valued at $9billion. According to reports from press and other source, the companyParent of Party Poker reported a profit of $370 million as of 2004 on revenue of $601 million. That is the measure of online poker in particular and online gaming in general.

Combined with the achievements of a sturdy growth industry, there are also growing voices that raise many public policy, e-commerce and legal questions. They question how wellit isfor increasing figure young students to be joining the mainstream of gambling through the internet.Researchers say that there are a lot of concernson whether this is legal, particularly when it is a form of gambling that is accessible to young and premature people.